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The stresses and strains of daily life can cause pain, stiffness and immobility. These may be a result of repetitive strains of daily work, trauma, pregnancy, postural weaknesses, prolonged computer use, driving, sports injuries or even following an operation.

Visit Dronfield Physiotherapy to help restore well-being, speed up recovery time and aid future pain and injury prevention. It doesn't matter what type of pain you have or how you came to have it! Start your recovery today by contacting the professionals.

Not only do we carry out physiotherapy at our clinic, we also have many services available to help you back to full fitness. The clinic provides sports massage, chiropody, Pilates classes, osteopathy, yoga and acupuncture.

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All assessments are very thorough and treatment is individually tailored to each client. During your treatments, the physiotherapist may use joint and soft tissue mobilisations, corrective taping, ultrasound and other musculoskeletal techniques. Further along your treatment plan we concentrate on strength and stability and we have connections with a nearby gym who will be only too happy to guide you through gentle exercise and help you back to full recovery.

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